About the Club


The Redwater Riders Club was initially formed to facilitate the receipt of Federal and Provincial government grants available at the time for trail improvements, bridge building in low areas subject to flooding, garbage disposal and general upkeep of the Redwater natural area.

This area, now known as the Redwater Recreation Area, was transferred to Alberta Tourism, Parks & Recreation, West Central Region in 2010.  The area is now subject to more oversight than it had been previously, and is under ATP&R regulations regarding the use of firearms, holding of bush parties, and other issues, in keeping with ATP&R policies.   Some fencing has been put up by ATP&R along the road allowance of the main East/West road at the North end of the area to address area residents' fears of accidents occurring due to ATVs or Motorcycles popping up suddenly onto this well traveled road.

The Redwater Riders Club has indicated to ATP&R that the users of the area, are not looking to have too much new development occur, and discussions have taken place to this end.   ATP&R has, however, installed permanent toilet facilities at the central staging area, which represents a considerable improvement over the previous facilities.  The Club has been contracted by ATP&R to be responsible for the cleaning of these facilities.

The Redwater Riders Club functions as liaison between users of the Redwater Recreation Area and  Alberta Tourism, Parks & Recreation.  Any concerns or suggestions that users may have regarding  this area can be communicated to the Club for discussion with ATP&R and conversely, any new information  received from them will be posted on the Club website.

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